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So why Wedart?

Well it is obviously Weddings + Art, but is it realy possible to approach wedding photography as an art? To tell you the truth I feel a bit uncomfortable with the word “artists”…

But I can tell you what we feel is “my art” on the way I approach wedding photography.

My aim is to build the story of the day – storytelling photography that is. Ie prefer not to “direct” but wait for the right moment. The “decisive moment” for which Cartier Bresson wrote about. Think about it like this: a guy with camera looks at you and says “smile”. Think of the photo of that smile. How would that be? And how would it be if this guy took a photo of you as you where smiling because you felt happy with something you saw or heard.  So I like to think of myself more as a photojournalist, covering your big event, waiting for everything to happen always ready to capture it. And finally: destination. The scenery, the light, the people, are all part of the story. Why miss out on them?

I believe that every wedding is different because people are different, every place is different, every moment is unique. I always capture the events as they happen, whithout “directing” or interrupting, trying to find these special moments and feelings, to tell a story, to  make your wedding day story unique! I am based in Athens but as you can see I love travelling and I would be more than happy to capture your special moments in Greece, Europe or even overseas.

Let’s give birth to beautifull shots!

Giorgos Gerogiannis

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